I lived in sunny Brixton for a while, waaay before the market looked anything like this. We went down to Brixton Village for dinner and to await the midnight hour of my birthday day.

Well, I say we. I arrived and the others didn't get there for another 45 minutes! The cheek of it. Luckily the light was gorgeous and I had my SLR camera so it gave me the opportunity to explore the area in and around the market.

The very recognizable graffiti bridge. Wasn't brave enough to stand in the middle of the road for a proper view.

Found some street art as well which came out beautifully in the dusk light.

Once the sun set I thought it wise to wander on inside the market.

The market itself has been around since the 60s and in some parts of the village complex it shows. But in a good way.

Choosing where to eat was tough but eventually we settled on the Brixton Village Grill. Mostly because it had space for all 4 of us. It's a cosy little restaurant and the staff were relaxed but efficient.


We ordered and settle down for some sangria and a bit of goss. I especially enjoyed telling the girls about the flashback of the unfortunate date I had in that exact same restaurant about a year or so ago.

The sangria was VERY sweet and also weak but the girls and their sweet tooth loved it so much they ordered 2 jugs.

I went for a glass of Portugese wine which was lovely. Another thing I didn't remember until well into our evening was the portion sizes at this restaurant. You really get your money's worth!

I went for the piri piri grilled lamb chops to start followed by a dime bar cheesecake.

I also got to try some of the girls' banana fritters and ice cream.

The lamb chops although plentiful were tougher than I would have liked. Be prepared to get your jaws working to get it down you. The deserts again were pretty generous portion sizes but the dime bar cheese cake was essentially a block of cream. Delicious cream. But cream nonetheless.

All in all, a lovely evening. This place is good value for money but if you're going to head down be aware it's cash only and you'll have to pay 20p every time you need to use the bathrooms...which are outside.

We rolled our stuffed selves down the road for drinks and birthday lamentations.