I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list. I blame my globetrotting Dad for my itchy feet and my maximser Mom for my love of bargains. This year, I decided to combine the two. Weekends only though, I do have a job ha.

One of the great things about being single is the freedom you have with your days, nights, weeks, and weekends. As the last of my closest friends (and one of my last single girlfriends) recently got swept off her feet by a her lovely brand new fella, I realised it was time to stop waiting around and start doing all the stuff I'd been saving and putting off to experience with a future partner. Seems silly to wait around especially while I'm still young and free of responsibilities outside of my career.

Soooo I've been busy making all my whims come true and dragging various friends along for the ride. First stop was this weekend and I chose the beautiful city of Copenhagen to pop my new passport's cherry so to speak. So far, I have 12 different trips planned this year and I cannot wait to share them all with you guys right here.

HOWEVER if you can't wait for the blog posts to land on life&lumes, why not come along for the ride live and direct! If you're not already, keep up with me on:

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I'm excited to eat everything, see everything, photograph everything, meet all the people, walk all over all the places, cycle over the places I missed walking, and do all the things the curious do. Where should I go next guys? Where can't I miss? Sharing is caring! :)



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