Travel is all about new discoveries. Anyone who knows this blog and/or me will know that I like to base most (if not all) of my adulthood learnings on the edible variety. Today's post is no different and will rediefine what you think of when you hear the word smushi (you downright durtty dawgs you!). 

A smushi is a cross between an open faced sandwich and sushi. Delicious utterly beautiful small bites of everything from beef to fish to veg. So satisfying. We had about 4 pieces each with lashings of tea but they also serve alcohol so wine is also acceptable. 

The Royal Smushi Cafe is gorgeous. Imagine a group of resourceful business minded fairies got together and opened up an eatery. Yeah. That. The cafe is located just off one of the main high streets down an alleyway you wouldn't know was there if it wasn't for the inconspicuous signage. 

Oh and did I mention how good the food was? Because it is. Surprisingly so considering its location in the heart of touristville. 

Copenhagen is known for it's awesome food (i.e. Noma and one of my faves Geist, soon to be blogged). The Smushi cafe is no exception. Made to order, so very delicious, gorgeous surroundings. Basically what truck stops would be if fairies were in charge. 

Give me a shout if you make it there!


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