There's nothing like a shiny new passport to make you want to catch a flight or 20. Surely that's not just me?? I love a bargain and Europe is a veritable haven for quick, cheap flights from our isle to the "mainland". I'd heard so much about Copenhagen from various friends who'd been and loved it that when my buddy Reese asked if we could go away for a weekend, I had to make it our destination.

It did not disappoint. As we were short on time, we booked ourselves onto a canal tour - still the best way I've found of seeing the most things in the shortest space of time. You also get a wee history lesson thrown in too which is a double bonus.

It's a beautiful city full of beautiful very friendly Nordic people. I must say though, the lack of diversity was a little jarring especially when you live somewhere as multicultural as London but my Taiwanese/German buddy and I were told our English was more "offensive" to the small minority of drunken rowdy troublemaking locals than the color of our skin so...make of that what you will.

The Generator Hostel, location was excellent and our private twin ensuite room was clean and in very good repair. Can't speak for the shared dorms but our room was great. Highly reccommend it, it's a gorgeous hostel! Very pricey but the cheapest in Copenhagen by a mile.

TIP: Avoid the meatballs from the inhouse cafe. They're mostly spongey bready rusk at real meat prices.

We flew Ryanair from hell on Earth Luton airport and Norwegian Air back to Gatwick. Norwegian's plane was pristine and brand shiny new, very comfortable, a rather pleasant suprise for £23 one way.

TIP: Don't fly over the bank holiday, you will be sodomized in the wallet without so much as a thank you ma'am :-|

Geist in Kongens Nytorv, so spectacularly good it'll be getting its own post!

The Coffee Factory also in Kongens Nytorv. I tried a few places but this was the only one that made me a soy latte that didn't curdle and/or taste like road. Super cosy too, real haven from the chaos that is the old town.


The spire on the Church of our Saviour apparently has the clock arms facing the wrong way so the time is only correct once a day but the Danes have never bothered to change it. Whether this is true or not I can't say but the tower was gorgeous from the canal.

And as I love a good clock tower, here are a couple more. You know, seeing as you're already here.

All in all, Copenhagen was a lovely way to start my European adventure of gallivanting and the like. The food and the smiles more than made up for the eye watering prices.

We purchased a Copenhagen Card which saved us a bundle with the canal tour and the castle tours bundled in as well as bus and public transport which is also included.

Let me know how you guys get on! :)



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