Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love London town but London's foul, London's a merry-go-round. - Kano & Chase & Status

8 million. That's how many people live in London. You can just imagine the energy that creates. Before I moved here all those years ago, I would visit London for a day or two here and there and found the city to be chaotic, confusing, LOUD, and severely lacking in personal space.

Then I moved here permanently and realized very quickly that visiting London and living in London are two very different experiences. Here's what I mean:

 When you are visiting, you're not looking to adjust your energy aka the speed at which you are processing your life so the speed at which London moves takes you by surprise.

Once you move here however, everything changes. You walk faster, you start inadvertently memorizing the tube map, you learn to fall in love with your crappy local neighborhood haunts when you discover that traveling from one end of London to the other is a massive ball ache, and most importantly you begin to appreciate what a beautiful and unique city London is, ESPECIALLY on a sunny day (yes, even a cold one). Oh and let's not forget it's a true 24/7 city. Perhaps I'll do a few features on how to spend 24 hours in London. 

Anyway, one way that I survive the chaos is with music. I am never without my headphones and always have music on the go. Music for me drowns out a significant chunk of the noise London can create. I can handle a packed tube if I have my music on. I can fight my way through Primark on a Saturday with my music on. Music just makes everything just a little more pleasant and if you are a fan of live music, London is teeming with it but I digress.

I will be sharing my best of London with you guys so check back often, especially if you are thinking of moving to the big bad smoke. All suggestions for what you guys would like me to cover are very welcome!

This song is the sound track to this weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and remember to share!