We made the decision to go to Copenhagen and then went to Copenhagen in less that 48 hours so planning and researching restaurants just didn't happen. We left our hostel the first evening we got there and went for a walk in the hopes we'd find a gem. Spoiler alert: we did. It was awesome.

Geist is again unassuming from the street at the end of an alley way that leads off from Kongens Nytorv, the largest public square in the city. Not that I'm usually drawn to alley ways but Copenhagen is the first city to have so many family friendly treats hidden at the end of them!

We got really lucky rocking up at peak time Friday night and getting spots. They'd had a cancellation at the sharing table (big sharing table culture in these parts) so we grabbed the free spots on the door.

I grew up in a big wonderful hungry family and we had to share everything so as an adult, voluntary sharing is a concept that I've had to get my head around. Just as well as sharing plates seem to be all the rage these days. The menu changes every so often as they're all about the fresh produce. We had a little mash, a little pork belly, a little steak, and other nibbly things.

Yes many of the dishes look...questionable. I'm all for creativity in food as long as it tastes good which all of these did. The pork belly covered in apple chips (last photo) was probably the yummiest. You can't really go wrong. We left full and happy with our impeccable traveller instincts and carried on with our evening. 

Here's what we got up with the rest of our time in Copenhagen.



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