I'll never know designers and seasons and the ins and outs of the fashion world, but I do like to think I know when an outfit works.

For so many (including myself) fashion isn't summed up in a whirlwind week of out of reach creations draped onto hungry catwalk occupants. It's certainly not reserved for any one type of person wearing any one type of thing.

The wonderful thing about living in London especially is how eclectic people's style can get. This will be the first of what I hope will be many more instances of me capturing excellent examples of London's street fashion. At least, the ones who will indulge in a little paparazzi action :)

I found Christie waiting to meet friends in her gorgeous tartan pinafore dress from Loved the brightness of the dress with the paired down accessories and simple makeup. This is the type of balance that stops a bold print looking craycray.

Eventually we coaxed a smile out of her although in her defence, it can't have been easy being accosted out of nowhere by 3 squealing females. She took it in her stride like a legend.

I've found alternatives on USC, ASOS, and an alternative from She's paired the dress with the Agnes Doc Marten flats. None of these links are sponsored, just me trying to spread the love and inspiration.

What do you guys think? Could you make this work for you?



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