This is not a sponsored post. This is a post about a love story that has spanned through the good times and bad.

Ben's Cookies are the best cookies I've ever had not made by my buddy Hannah. They are spectacular little creations packed full of all sorts of nutty chocolatey fruity fillings. Not all at the same time mind you but still. 

These bad boys are sold by weight. Chocolate weighs more than cookie which is why these are crammed so full of the good stuff. Honestly guys, they're so special I can't walk past the store without going in. I straight up don't walk past the stores anymore. My thighs needn't grow any further. 

Useful tip for those of you who do the right thing and buy them by the box immediately:

Stick a cookie in your microwave for 10 seconds before you chow down. Optional - eat with ice cream.