Last week I visited The Rum Kitchen with some of the lads, a beach shack serving excellent Jamaican food right in the middle of Carnaby Street.

I met up with a couple of mates to get our Jamaican eats on. They wouldn't seat us until our 3rd party member arrived so we took in the scenery and got into the cocktails.

Rum Kitchen is a self proclaimed beach shack conveniently located in Kingly Court (just off Carnaby Street in London). The decor is lovely I must say. If the temperature was warmer and I was in flip flops instead of ballet pumps, and holding a surfboard instead of my handbag, I could almost be by a sorta fancy seaside. 

They tend to claim to be fully booked out pretty regularly so at times you'll try to walk in, see an empty restaurant, and be told they have nothing available for an hour or so. Ploy or legitimate? Hmmmm....

Onto the cocktails, a brief peruse of their extensive menu (apparently they have cellars full of over 100 different varieties of rum) and I opted for a classic...

When in Jamaica, do as the Jamaicans (and/or tourists in Jamaica) do. Guiness Punch it is! 

Wray & Nephew, Condensed Milk, Guiness, Spices

Half a can of condensed milky goodness and I'm in daydreamin' my life away...
My compadre opted for a mojito as we waited IMPATIENTLY for the latecomer. I asked him to express his frustration and hunger all in one look. I think the hunger confused his facial muscles...

Ankit and his mojito
Finally our party arrived and we were seated at their "chef's table" which was basically a bench right up the kitchen where we had complete exposure to the chefs hard at work. I was expecting some interaction but it did feel a little bit like how I would feel if I had an audience around me while at my desk at work. Once the food arrived though, it served as a good distraction.

The menu was simply enough with all the classics, jerk chicken, curry, plantains (my favorite), roti, etc. 

Orders placed, we waited and consumed some more cocktails. I opted to stick to the dairy based drink while the guys decided to have a couple of fruity moments.

While we waited and with such a great view of the kitchen, I thought I'd capture some of the yummy looking treats as they made their way to their respective owners while the boys chatted amongst themselves.

Our starters arrived. Now, I'm not Jamaican nor have I ever been to the island so this may not mean much but the jerk sauce I have to say was the best I've ever had. Just enough spice, so much flavour!

The chicken itself was ok but that sauce would have made cardboard taste like what I'd imagine heaven to taste like. If heaven had a taste.

We also got some Saltfish Fritters which were delicious and actually really filling. 2 of those and a couple of the chicken wings would have made a decent sized lunch.

For mains, Ike got the Jerk Chicken Supreme with Yam Mash while Ankit and I both got the Jerk Friend Chicken Thighs.

Jerk Chicken Supreme with Yam Mash and Gravy
Jerk Fried Chicken Thighs with Onion Rings and Coleslaw (sans Pineapple)
With all the starters we had had by this point, the mains were hard going. Delicious though so we powered through like champions. I have no regrets.

The dessert menu with the playing card you get given for opening a tab.
There was absolutely no room for dessert but you guys can take a look at the menu anyway :)

As the meal came to an end, it was time to settle up and move on. But not without a bathroom selfie outfit picture of course! Thank Goodness for the baggy fit of top after all that food!

Top from Mango, Jeans from H&M, Shoes from, Necklace from Monsoon, Bag from
 Ahhh Carnaby Street. What will you think of next??

Can you think of anywhere better for Jamaican food in London? Leave a comment below and share the yummy with everyone :) 

Thanks for reading!! xxs