London Eats: A Happenstance Birthday

24 is a big year. I remember it well. Oh heeeey birthday girl!

I love a good birthday whether it's mine or a dear friend's. Any excuse to pop a bottle or 4 and chow down. For this particular birthday, we went to The Happenstance in the city, part of the Anthologist family.

Hellos were exchanged with a very excited birthday girls before the bubbles arrived.

Oh well if it's in writing, it must be ok.

Quite literally ANY excuse lol.

We don't get to see each other as often as we should (as is always the way with your closer friends) so lots of chatting usually ensues when we get together to celebrate.

The Happenstance is a deceptively large bar slash restaurant right by St. Paul's cathedral.

I always feel so out of place in the city. Like a teenager visiting my dad at work lol. Great for food and drinking though. Rubbish at weekends.

Anyway, let's take a look at the menu shall we?

There are certain buzz words on a menu that reel me in. You guys already know how I feel about truffles. Wagyu beef is right up there too and lucky for me both were on the menu.

Presents were opened while we waited by a very happy birthday girl.

Wagyu beef burger in a brioche bun.

Roman fries with truffle oil and parmesan cheese.

The burger was awesome but the fries were distinctly average. Even the truffle parmesan combo cant mask average chips.

The girls got the surf and turf and the general consensus was "good".

Smiles all round.



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