So I mentioned in my last post that my eyeliner was pants. It really truly is.

Let's do this the compliments sandwich way shall we?

I like that the color is an intense black. 

I don't like that it dried out after less than 1 week of use.

I like that the shape of pen can sometimes allow for more precision.

I don't like that the tip is sooooo stiff and sharp that it feels like a penknife is slicing through my eyelids regardless of the direction I'm using it in (thick or thin).

I'm usually a fan of Rimmel but this eyeliner is really not up to their usual standards in my opinion. I won't be re-buying it.

If you disagree or you've found a way to make it work, let me know. Oh and you can also read reviews of it here with mixed opinions from other people so...you know...

Sort it out Rimmel! It's just not good enough.


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