I went down to Homeslice with a handful of my "homeslices". Geddit? Hehe.

Covent Garden is a little gem of a part of the London, especially in recent years as more and more awesome little eateries have opened up around the Seven Dials area.

I gathered a handful of my nearest and dearest and headed down to Homeslice, a pizza joint with wood fired ovens and not enough seats.

We arrived at the venue just after 7, put our names down on their extensive wait list for a table, and headed to the nearest pub to catch up and pass the time...stopping off along the way to pose for a pic or 4.

Then the boys got jealous so we extended the courtesy.

An hour and a bit later we headed back to Homeslice to take our long awaited seats.

We ordered a few pizzas to share and lots of prosecco refills. I tried the chorizo and rocket pizza which was good.

But hands down the best pizza I have EVER had was the oxtail and horseradish. Not a usual combo I know but honestly, the oxtail was so tender and the horseradish sauce had no burn, just the beautiful flavour of horseradish. The dough was a light, salty, and stretchy. Absolutely perfect and worth every second of the wait.

Here's the oxtail pizza. It didn't stick around long. At all.

I had to unhinge my jaw to fit in the first bite.

Seriously. Look at the size of them. Here's the chorizo and rocket pizza.

And of course a veggie pizza for our veggie buddy which could have done with a few more tomatoes...not lol.

 Happy faces all round :)

This is a great place to meet up with friends for a relaxed and highly delicious evening. Not so great for a date though as they don't accept reservations although the wait might be good for some pre-dinner banter. It is very cosy but the staff are friendly and the vibe is decent.

If you do go down, do try the oxtail pizza. It will seriously change your life. Or you know..something a little less dramatic lol



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