If there's one thing that hasn't gotten any easier to figure out after nearly a decade of living in London, it's dating.

All of my adult years have been spent mostly in London both within and outside of relationships so everything I write about is from my personal experiences. If yours differ, leave a comment below :)

This post is particularly hefty so make sure you have some time and a warm beverage in your hands.

Ready? Sweet.

Some people have a preference one way or another when it comes to relationships. For me, both have their upsides. Single means freedom and relationships mean companionship. Ultimately, it all boils down to the person that's presented in front of you for "evaluation" a.k.a. your date.

In order to get a date though, you usually have to meet someone you find attractive both physically and mentally (obvs). But let's be honest here, once you wander online, it's usually mostly physical am I right? ;)

Large cities like London especially can be intensely lonely places at times, particularly when you first get here. For me, I found it extremely convenient to turn to the internet to help speed up the friend making/boyfriend hunting process when I first moved here after university. Ah university. We had it so good back then didn't we.....but I digress.

Throughout the years (between relationships), I've dipped in and out of various dating sites/apps. The convenience of it all keeps pulling me back in - a catalog of the vast majority of London's singletons are simply one click away. Doesn't matter if you're dressed or in your PJs, your pictures always show you at your best.

I have tried a few different sites throughout the years so it's no surprise my last 2 boyfriends were found online. Both turned into great relationships that sadly eventually ran their course. Both these men were normal, attractive, employed, well adjusted human males so I know for a fact that they do exist and that there are plenty more out there to be found lol.

It doesn't matter what site you use though, the same principles always apply.

Here are my top 3 tips for using online dating sites.

1 - Just because there is a membership fee doesn't mean you will get more good quality suitors. There are douchebags EVERYWHERE whether you pay or you don't.

2 - Lower your expectations. Their worst profile picture is usually the most accurate so if you don't like them in it, you probably won't like them in real life. He'll be 5 inches shorter than he said he was and she'll be 2 sizes bigger than he thought she was. Aim low and you're MUCH less likely to be disappointed.

3 - Coffee is king. You know immediately if you're attracted so don't drag out your first meet. Why coffee? Because it's finite! You'll both have until the bottom of your coffee cup to either arrange your next PROPER date or use the end of your hot drink to go your separate ways ;)

My next post will be a series of reviews on some of the online dating sites I've used during my adult years in London, look out for that later this weekend!


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