I have spent a large portion of this year on the road.

A lot of good has come from this year considering how rubbish it began. As I've finally been granted a few minutes to catch my breath and sit still, I thought I'd check in with you guys and see what I've missed. What have you all been up to??

I've been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in New York in the last 3 months with work and play. I wasn't switched on enough to bring my camera along to meals or events (bad bad blogger) so this post is less where to eat or what to do and more "feel the city vibes".

So sit back and take in the scenery. These shots were mostly taken in around Chelsesa, Times Square, and Bryant Park. Basically around the main shopping locations (priorities people). #

It really is a fine city to behold.

The highline was recently completed and is open to the public. When I went it was PACKED so there wasn't much to see of the park/line itself. Lots of green though and plenty of places to sit and take in the sunny views. I managed to capture the DVF office from the line (shout out to my fellow trashy reality tv lovers).

And after years of travel to this beautiful city, I FINALLY found a super secret spot to take it all in at once.

Not much like it. I love big city cities and there are few that get to me like the Big luscious Apple. Get it on your bucket list folks.


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