Is it just me or does every new year feel a bit like a step into the unknown? Kinda like writing poetry on the fly...right? :P

I didn't have much hope for 2014 when it first began. It's turned out to be a pretty pivotal year in my life with some intense lows and some life-changing highs. I am stronger, happier, and way more grateful than I was at the start of the year.

2015 is an even bigger mystery, starting right after I get some more family time in the city that never sleeps.

The biggest milestone facing me in 2015 (and many others I'm sure) is the big THREE-OH. Yup. 30 is coming for me in 2015 and there's naff all I can do to slow it down.

...I'm not ready to explore how that makes me feel just yet so I won't.

Instead, how about a look back at the lessons 2014 brought. Hopefully this will inspire you guys to stop, take a breath, and process your very own 2014.

  • Never under estimate our inherent ability to bounce back - physically AND emotionally. Trust. We are seriously built to last.
  • EVERYTHING happens for a reason. If it's meant to be, it really will be. I'm beyond grateful to have ended up exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • You can't make anyone feel anything they don't already feel all on their own. Especially when it comes to love and matters of the heart. The happiest day of your life will be the day you stop trying. Lord knows it was for me.

There have been hundreds of other little lessons along the way of course but these are the ones that have really stood out for me this year. 

What are some of yours? Whatever you're doing to see in 2015, take a couple of minutes to process the year you've just had. Then smile.

Happy New Year from our home to yours!



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