I spent a lovely sunny icy cold day traipsing round Brooklyn with my street art mad pal Chris.

Chris is not one for the glossier shinier fancier side of New York City opting instead to immerse herself in the gritty raw creative pools of energy that flow freely through the streets of this sexy little city I love so much. Who better to spend the day with I ask you. Wrapped up warm, we took to the streets.

First up, Brooklyn Bridge with its unparalleled views of the city.

I reckon when couples split, their locks should be removed to make way for new love to blossom. I just know it would irritate me ever so slightly to have steel-based ties remaining of me and any of my exes haha. No? Just me? Oh...Ok then.

Not gonna lie, it was COLD. We were dealing with slightly below freezing temperatures and Chris needed a wee so we had to keep it moving over the bridge.

But first, a little taste of the Matthew Del Degan's Lovebot right in the middle of the bridge.

Then we entered Brooklyn.

The hardest part of street art hunting which I found really hard was actually looking around you. Between walls, on buildings, on the ground, in doorways, in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Luckily I was with a pro or this post would have been lacking.

I've had to Google all of these pieces so I've probably got a few of them wrong (no doubt Chris will correct me thank you hugs!). If you guys want to see more, definitely check out Chris's street art blog for more.

This neon heart by Bradley Theodore one was my favorite. Love all the colour!

This was a company motto made to look like street art but I still thought it was cool. It says: "Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful Rituals".

Not too sure who these two rascals are. Will update when I do.

Another brand (Clarks) promo parading as street art. Loved this colourful flash of home though.

A rather large Shepard Fairey mural with a side of Adam Cost and some more of my anonymous yellow and black faces. The sheer size of it though!

Side note: This was also the moment I learned I've been saying mural wrong for YEARS (more muriel than mural). I wanted this year to be about learning lessons and hey presto, 2015's first!

This next one is anonymous and judging by the junk exposure, we didn't want to get any closer lol.

Here's half an angel(?) hiding between pretty red bricks.

Loved this one too by GILF. Hard to capture on camera but it's a really intricate maze that also happens to spell out: "Trust your vision".

As we left Dumbo, we found ourselves surrounded by these next two pieces by an artist called Yuzu Shizimu.

Which "YES!" do you choose? And if you know the name of the person who created the yellow faces, please comment and put us out of our suspense! :)


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