As a young single go-getter in a thriving beast of a city, I've come to realise that I have been very hard on myself recently especially when it comes to trying to keep up with the dating scene WHILST making time for friends, hobbies, etc.

It got me thinking, if I've been stressing out about certain things, then perhaps you have as well fellow readers. We get to an age where we suddenly start to put all this pressure on ourselves about how we should be living all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to dating. Well no more, dearest friends.

Here are 10 things about dating that I've decided I'm going to be ok with. In no particular order. Starting now.

- It's OK to schedule your dates for days/nights when you know you'll already be out of the house. Bonus points for scheduling them on days when you have client meetings. No sense in wasting 2 good outfits.

- It's OK to call it a night when 8pm rolls round and the hope you had that chemistry would come doesn't. It's emotionally draining to show interest in other people. Save yourself.

- It's OK to lie about what neighborhood you live in. I've seen Luther so I know exactly how this could end. Be smart with strangers!

- It's OK to let him pay. You'll still be "an independent woman who don't need no man for nothing" just a little less thirsty. Make sure you get the next round though because...you know...suffrage etc.

- It's OK to not walk them to their bus stop/tube station if it's not on your way home. This is London, tubes stop at midnight. Get your ass home. No one is worth the schoolnight night bus home. Yet.

- It's OK to join all the dating sites and all the dating apps and cruise them from your sofa in your onesie with ice cream you know damn well you shouldn't be trying to digest. London is a big ass city and online dating is probably the most efficient way to put yourself out there at scale.

- It's OK to not be sure, even after a few dates. Just be honest.  **Note to self, take own advice.

- It's OK to count the gym as a hobby. They don't get to choose the hobby rules. No one died and made them grand commander of hobbie criteria.

- It's OK to refuse to respond to a grammatically incorrect poorly spelt message. It's the digital equivalent of bad breath. If you don't have 15 seconds to proofread a message to your potential love interest, you certainly don't have time for a relationship.

- It's OK to end it but not know why you're just not that into them. That's why we date, we fail, and we date again.

Phew. So glad I got that all off my chest! What do you guys think?

From my heart to yours.