Friends, you know how I feel about truffles in my food. So when I heard about a restaurant in London that specialises in burgers and truffles of various types, I couldn't not go. Right?

But first, the venue. Bobo Social is a small cosy restaurant on smack bang in the middle of medialand, Charlotte Street. This street is also known as the home of Bubbledogs, a restaurant that only serves hot dogs and champagne but that's a story for another day.

It's got pretty outdoor space out front which I'm sure will be a lunchtime winner in the summer. We tried to brave it but the inside looked so warm and the weather said no.

See? Look how warm it looks. We ran inside to escape the cold and made ourselves right at home. The venue is small but still pretty comfortable. Atmosphere was pretty cool, great space for a date.

We took our seats with a view of the whole restaurant on one side and a weird gold wall on the other. Couldn't keep my eyes off it. Soooooo sparkly!

Having done extensive research on their vast list of truffle topped burgers, I almost didn't need to see the menu. But I looked anyway.

Those are my crazy truffleyes. You will see them wherever yummy treats abide and/or wherever is appropriate.

The menu options vary although they're all burgers. Prices range as well from your standard plain £8.95 "Bobo" burger to the £20 and aptly name "Debauchery". With wagyu beef and shaved truffles, the Debauchery was always going to be the one for me.

Oh and sweet potato fries know...5 a day and all that hehe.

We ordered drinks while we waited and caught up on all we've missed from not seeing each other for a good long while.

Oh and stared at that magical gold wall some more.

After an acceptable amount of time, the food arrived. Certainly looked pretty. But was it as good as I was hoping?

 Can you see the big pile of truffle shavings atop my burger? Excited was not the word. Brownie points for presentation BUT I'm sad to say the flavours were very average. It tasted nothing like truffles, I even ate a whole shaving to see if I could find that distinctive truffle flavour but alas, it might as well have been cardboard.

My compadre went for a plain burger with bacon and truffles which she enjoyed but agreed that the truffley flavour we both love was lacking significantly. 

The burger itself was very average. The beef was fine, certainly nothing to write home excitedly about (which I may or may not have done once or twice before...possibly). For £20, I was expecting a flavour explosion but it never happened.

A real shame, I had such high hopes! If you do go, don't bother with the Debauchery, the plain burger will do just fine.

Next up, dessert. The Baileys and pecan banoffee pie. Delicious. But banoffee pie rarely isn't.

Because the burgers had been so big, we decided to share. I liked the little jar it came in, being able to see all the layers was great.

It disappeared extremely quickly. No clue how that happened...

All in all, the experience was cool. I like the venue alot, it's cosy, good location, and very Instagram friendly. The food on the other hand was ok. I like the intention (locally sourced ingredients, pink as standard), and the staff were great.