Soooo it's been a wee while but I'm back among the fold. It's been a mad few weeks (all very positive) but I finally carved out some time to produce for the lovely people who have subscribed (thank you!).

I wanted to make a video with some substance and decided to try to address the issue of confidence.

People don't believe it when I tell them (and yes my Youtube videos and this blog seem to go against that) but I am painfully shy. Throughout the years I've had to find ways to harness an extroverted version of myself to try to counteract that instinct to run and hide in certain social and professional situations haha.

This video is all about the 3 main ways I cope day to day. For professional situations it's a little different but I can do another video on that if people are interested. Would love to know how you guys cope. Leave a comment and share with the rest of us! :)

Press Play!


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