Of course no holiday would be complete without some goooood eating. My compadres didn't want to leave Bali without feasting on lobster so we spent our last evening at Ku De Ta.

The venue is pretty special, half outdoors half indoors. It's on the west coast of Bali which makes it super popular with the sunset seekers. We arrived long after to avoid the crowds. 

The food is an awesome mix of European, Thai, Japanese, and American. The others had already decided on the lobster long before we got out of the pool to get ready for dinner so we went a little mad on the starters.

First up, the prawn and snapper dumplings.

Followed by this random flavourful delight, warm asparagus soup. The soup came with a poached egg which you cracked to release the creamy yolk. The combo of soup, egg, and bacon bits is unreal. 

Next, the suckling pig urutan.

All the starters were delicious. We used the lull between courses to try to think of motivational reasons to come home and not stay on holiday forever...

The mains arrived. One thing to note is that the default lobster portion is 700g which is PLENTY for two people to share. Don't do what my pals did in not sharing. 

The lobster was apparently quite delicious; luckily didn't need tools for access to the meat. It's just the sheer quantity alone that was a struggle. 

I chose to opt out of lobster and ordered the miso black cod. I've tried this dish in several establishments and have had mixed experiences.

The black cod at Ku De Ta had an excellent marinade, texture-wise my preference is the type of cod that melts in your mouth and this one was a smidge too chewy for me. Still yummy though. 

Truly delicious food. I wolfed mine down while the others powered through their lobster haul. 

Dessert options were next level. I could not resist the outstanding sounding chocolate tart that came with a warning of an extended wait (15 mins). I spent that time wisely and explored the rest of the venue.

So pretty out there. And finally, chocolate. 

The tart was exquisite, the PERFECT balance of sweet without being sickly. The chocolate was more like a thick sauce and it arrived warm so it melted throughout the mouth. Delicious you guys. 

It didn't stick around for very long. 

All in all, I would for sure recommend this restaurant to anyone who's going to be around that side of the Balinese coast. If you can't make it to sunset (which I hear is a pretty cool experience), it's well worth going later on for a feast. 


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