There's something about London in the summer that reminds you of exactly why you live in this gorgeous grim city. Especially when you venture out east to one of the endless pop ups and quirky goings on that make that part of London unique. Summer Tales is one of them.

Tucked away in a disused car park by Old Street station is the Summer Tales pop up experience.

Summer Tales is set up like a mini jungle with great food, multiple bars, and an outdoor dance floor. There have been multiple big name DJs playing over the summer but on the evening we attended, it was a standard set.

We booked one of their cabanas and we're glad we did as it was fairly busy so was nice to get some room.

 One thing to note is that their outdoor heaters haven't been installed yet but we were assured they were available. Either way, bring warm clothing. You know how London is.

We took turns going to grab food and the choices were pretty impressive.

After much umming and ahhing we finally settled for lobster rolls from Burger Lobster...

 Pizza from Pizza Pilgrims...

And pulled pork croquettes from Nanny Bill's...  

And of course, no meal is complete without cocktails. Rum and coconut to be exact. Lots of it. 

Swiftly followed by bubbles when the sun went down. We became quick friends with the guys in the Freixenet booth who kept the bubbles flowing and welcomed the nightime as the crowd packed in.

And then the shots came and I forget the rest lol.

I'd recommend checking out Summer Tales, it's open Thursdays to Saturdays and shuts at midnight with free entry on Thursdays. It was a really fun way to spend a Saturday and a great way to start our night out.

 A night that ended in the early hours of dawn as only an East London night would...with a bunch of freakin' hot air balloons at 5am. Utter madness.


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