There's something to be said about sustainability, especially when it tastes so freakin delicious. Pop your top with us as we dined at Jar Kitchen.

My fellow foodie buddy and I visited Jar Kitchen in Covent Garden as part of my extremely belated birthday drinks/food/merriment. The restaurant is tiny but very cosy with only a handful of tables, great for dates. 

We saw a couple of suspected first dates going swimmingly during our meal. Such a nosy bunch we are! ;)

Jar Kitchen gets its name from...well... see for yourself.

First things first, the vino. Light, refreshing, beautiful.

To start, we got the sea bass ceviche with avocado and fennel. Delicious. The fish was fresh and the dressing made the whole dish siiiiiing.

The chicken liver parfait with fig and onion jam was full of flavor although I wouldn't have combined it with raisin bread - not so much a fan of the fruit in my savoury foods.

Oh and did you notice the jar? Way to commit Jar Kitchen, way to commit.

For mains, we ordered the pork belly with peas, lentils, baby turnips and a scratching and hazelnut crumble. Not the sexiest looking of dishes but it was surprisingly tasty. Pork belly can so easily go wrong but not in this instance.

See what I mean? Looks like a car crash but trust me, it was yummy. Next was dessert. The restaurant was nice enough to give me a little birthday treat (thanks!) which we devoured right alongside our actual desert, the chocolate ganache with banana ice cream and meringue.

And of course no birthday (no matter how delayed) is complete without candles and balloons.

And just in case you're wondering what I wished for, so far so good! :) They take bookings or you can walk in but if you do then be prepared for a wait. They call you when your table is ready though so it'll be a very civilised wait. 

Enjoy! :)