I love food. It's no secret to anyone reading this blog so you can imagine what it's like when I get to spend time with other people who also love food. Ceviche had been on the cards for ages and a visiting friend (and future Londoner I'm excited to say) gave us the perfect opportunity to go check it out. 

Ceviche is in Soho smack bang of a street that's quickly turning into a Peruvian food-enthusiast's wet dream. The restaurant is tiny (the photo shows the main dining area) and you're usually advised to book although we got very lucky as a walk in group of 3 with seats within 30 minutes.

The walls are adorned with bits of Latin American pop culture and the seats and lighting make for a very welcoming buzzy atmosphere. We were already sold as soon as we sat down.

For starters, there were no starters. The menu is made up of a variety of sharing plates of all shapes and sizes. To kickstart our appetites, they brought a bowl of crunch corn snacks called cancha which tasted like the bits leftover all the popcorn doesn't pop.

The food tasted way better than it looked I should warn you and ultimately, that's all that matters. We ordered a bunch then ordered some more starting with a salad accompanied by a series of different types of ceviche from sea bass to salmon to tuna. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the last dish, the tuna with amarillo tiger's milk but the others were excellent. 

After the cold dishes we tried some warmer ones. The chef special was the pachamama chicken with sweet potato, baby back pork ribs, and the Peruvian take on steak and chips lomo saltado. All delicious.

However, the dish of the evening for me was hands down the jalea steamed buns. They were fluffy and warm and filled to the brim with deep fried sea bass and salmon and Ceviche's specially blended salsa and sour cream. A squeeze of lime juice and my mind was blown. 

These alone are worth going back to the restaurant for. Spectacular. 

And of course, no Peruvian dining experience is complete without a solid pisco sour to round everything off. 

And excellent meal with even better company. What better way to welcome a new Londoner than with good grub. If you guys get the chance to head down, go. It's worth the trip.

Fans of Peruvian food should for sure also check out this review of one of my favorites, Pachamama in Marylebone. Peru is fast becoming a bucket list occupant for their food alone! :)

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