These days, experiencing culture shock is a pretty rare occurence for me. Having never had the opportunity to visit Asia before, I jumped at the chance to add another continent to my list of conquered lands. The trip was especially fitting as it tied in nicely with my recent entry into that infamous 30s club.

The view from the Peak
What hit me first was the heat when we left the airport. The air was still and muggy and the temperature was in the mid-30s, the streets are DENSE. There's no other word for it. There are A LOT of people in a very small space and yet everything flows so fluidly. It's the very definition of organised chaos.

We were only there for a couple of days (one of which rained) and I'm sad I didn't photograph more but I couldn't risk my camera getting rained on.

The photos I did take however were from The Peak, one of the highest points in Hong Kong with excellent views of the city.

From the ground, the buildings tower over you and the roads are steep. You're always climbing or descending, never just walking.

What's also striking beyond the skyscrapers are the little hidden side streets and alleys with ramshackle stalls selling all kinds of wares from food to toys to clothes to cell phones. There are countless of them off of all the main streets.

On our last evening, I met up with an old friend and his wife who have been living out in Hong Kong for a few years and promised me quality eating. They were not wrong.

Joy Hing (in Wanchai, Hong Kong) was featured by Anthony Bourdain on this foodie travel show and my friends who took me there are huge fans. I must say it is the best bbq pork I've EVER had.

Photo Credit - Raytansy.com

It's not a fancy place so don't go there expecting to put on airs. The restaurant is cosy with lots of tables dotted around which you share with the rest of the punters.

What's extra special about Joy Hing is the literal sippy cup of "meat juice" that's on every table. Seriously you guys, next level delicious. You pour it onto all your meats and it amplifies all kinds of yummy. The pork especially was the best bbq'd suckling pig I've ever had the privilege of consuming.

A big plate of bbq'd meat, few beers, excellent company (thank you Sarah & Josh, you guys rock!), and a never ending sippy cup of meat juices. What more could this sheltered traveller ask for?

You can find out more about Joy Hing and other places to eat around Hong Kong here.