Dishoom is one of my favourite London eateries with consistently excellent food and top notch service at a very reasonable price. 
I discovered Dishoom a few years ago after erroneously believing I wasn't a fan of Indian food after countless shoddy quality Indian takeaways. 

There is usually a queue a few dozen people long outside as they operate a first come first served seating system for groups of less than 6 but as we had a larger group, we were able to book and were immediately shown to our booth downstairs.

Dishoom takes the concept of the greasy mess we traditionally think of when we think of curry and produces a flavour explosion sans grease or that post-curry comatose feeling. We settled in, ordered a selection of their excellent cocktails and started picking through the menu.

Dishoom serves their dishes tapas style - in small plates. You order a selection and (depending on the solidity of your friendships) share with the table. With a large party of hungry kinfolk, the food vanished quickly so I was only able to capture a few of the dishes.

First off a couple bowls of far far crackers, a selection of samosas and some chilli cheese toast.

And a selection of mains from paneer tikka to chicken specialties to my absolute favourite Black House daal. The daal is unreal, flavours are deep rich and creamy - spectacular. The spicy lamb chops are also worth writing home about.   


lamb chops
THAT DAAL THO - yaaaaas
Dishoom is a winner for quality Indian food, I am yet to have a dish there I did not like (and I eat there far more than I care to admit in writing on here).

Next time you are in London, do check them out y'all. You will love it. And take a big group so you guys can reserve a table and avoid the queue.