I've been meaning to do this post for a while. Friends have heard me rave and rave on and on about these. Several of the girls in my life have complemented me so often that they eventually caved and purchased their own shades. Others have simply worn me down until I've handed mine over. It's time to share with the world.
This is NOT a sponsored post. I repeat, I received no benefits or incentives or cash for this post. I bought them myself and genuinely love them hence the sharing. 

MUA stands for Makeup Academy and is a brand that only recently reached our sunny shores I believe in the last year or so. At least that's when I discovered them. And I bought them all.

I have only used these lip products so I can't comment on the whole range. These are from their MUA Luxe range although with a name like Luxe, the £3 price tag might make you a little hesitant. I get it, I was too. But you shouldn't be. Here's why:

- Matte finish which means big lips like mine can go nuts with colour without overpowering the rest of your face.
- Dries fast and stays on (I have tips on longevity below).
- Highly pigmented so perfect for girls who want colour.

- Not kissproof, don't be fooled into thinking these will survive a smoochfest, they won't.
- Not all colours will suit so test test test before you buy. Or buy them all and give them to your friends like I will be.

In highly unscientific conditions, I tested each colour I could get my hand on in natural daylight to give you guys an idea of colour. Here they are in order of awesomeness from most to least.

Oh and ignore the fact that I didn't get the lip line right. I was losing daylight and had to get the photos done quickly.

First up, my ABSOLUTE favorites: Kooky and Reckless
Next, the not so greats but totally fixable: Dare and Atomic
 And lastly, the ones that need Jesus: Halcyon and Aflush
With the middle and last set, they could work with some lip liner in a complementary tone i.e. I use a dark brown lip liner underneath the Halcyon shade. With the Aflush shade I use a dark purple lip liner underneath then blend with a brush to get a really cool pink. 

For £3 you really can afford to play around with these colours. I have to say I haven't touched my lipstick in months since I bought them. 

- Use a lip balm underneath
- Exfoliate your lips too if you can - the mattifying nature of these will emphasise crusty lips
- Blend quickly and one layer at a time, especially with the darker colours, they are HIGHLY pigmented and once they dry, you'll have to scrub to get the colour off which could spell disaster for a fully made up face.
- Grab them all today!