Yes yes it's probably raining and you haven't seen the sun in a little while and the word summer probably hasn't entered your vocab for weeks but hear me out folks!
Colour is in. It's autumn and if mother nature isn't beaming all the usual colours into your part of the world, then guess what? You have the power to bring it yourself. Try it!

Lights up the room you're in and makes people smile. At least that's the reaction I get whenever I wear colours like this one. 

Both the top (£6) and the jeggings (£12) are from Matalan purchased from their new store on Oxford Street. I'd never really had teh chance to shop at Matalan but this new location made it a no brainer, especially if you stick to the basics fabricwise (i.e. cotton).

The jeggings fit well but you can tell the sewing's a little off with the in seam on the left leg so remember you get what you pay for. 

The sandals are from ASOS (£15) and they're now on sale!

Here's to bringing colour into these long gray days!