I love beauty. I love experimenting with makeup and gorgeous bright colours especially on the lips. I'll be sharing all of my finds with you guys so stay tuned ;).

Here's a quick intro..

I have oily yet dry skin, a common ailment especially for us darker skinned chicas. High school went by acne free and it wasn't until I was around 22 that my skin started breaking out. In the last couple of years though my skin has cleared up, probably because I've started using better quality products and learning how to apply makeup correctly. You don't have to spend a fortune to get results as you'll find soon find out the longer you stick with my blog :).

My skin sadly pays the price for my minor cosmetics addiction and also my tendency to sleep in my make up. It's a bad habit I know but sometimes you just need to sleep and the weight of the day pins you to the bed while sleep whispers sweet nothings in you eyeballs. I'll get better I promise. Until then I'm always on the lookout for kick ass products.

Two changes have made a big difference in the condition of my skin this month: using primers and finding a decent mask.

I don't usually splash out more than a fiver or so on face products but I'd heard so many good things about the Origins charcoal face mask I had to try it. It is awesome which I'm really pleased about considering the hefty £25 price tag. I frequently get extremely irritating and painful zits on my jawline. They don't respond to zit creams and you cant pop them as they're too painful and scar heavily. This mask cleared them ALL on the first use. Gone. No trace. I'm amazed.

I've always been aware of primers but never used them, figured they were just marketing ploys. This primer is Rimmel's Fix & Protect primer. If you don't know what primers do, they act as a shield between your skin and your make up. You wear it after your moisturiser and a tiny bit goes a long way. What I like about this primer is that it makes my foundation go on so much smoother than with moisturiser alone. What I don't like is that after about two hours my skin is twice as greasy as normal so I'm having to mattify often.

I'm thinking of trying Smashbox's primer next so will review that soon. It's around twice the price of Rimmel's so let's hope it fares better. I'll also show you guys my awesome foundation from Coverfx soon so look out for that.