Read on for my thoughts on these lippies as well as an intro to Kiko, my newly discovered treat space and the perfect place to indulge my lippie obsession.

If I'm totally honest, I had never heard of the Kiko brand until a friend from work started dating one of their staff who then proceeded to tell me all about it. Kiko is an Italian cosmetics brand that's relatively new to Regent Street. The decor is very trendy, like what would happen if your living room was built entirely out of recycled disco balls. Their range is brilliant with what feels like every colour under the sun.

They do however have a giant LCD screen on the ceiling with all sorts of promo videos and flashing images which are so bright they throw off the colours of the makeup. To get a true view of what color item you are looking at, you have to head downstairs. At their prices however, I'll put up with this inconvenience. Oh and they also do free makeovers so you know, that's pretty awesome.

Last week I visited their sale. All the items above totalled £13.50. I kid you not. 3 glossy lip pencils and 2 lipsticks, 1 of which is matte and the other shiny. Sorry about the smudging on the lip pencils, i couldn't wait to test them out! My thoughts?

The colours are beautiful but I would have liked there to be more pigment to boost the colours on my lips as so far these are coming across subtler than expected. I know, I know the more you pay the more pigment you get. Still would have been nice. Instead I just put loads on and re-apply more frequently than I do my fancier Mac lipsticks. If you have chocolatey brown skin like me then take note. My pale white sisters should have no issues.

I have a couple of Kiko cosmetics which I use regularly (powder highlighters, contour pallet). I'll be reviewing the highlighter on a later eyebrow related video and as soon as I learn how to contour properly without looking like Grace Jones (FML), I'll post about that too.