Soooo H&M has a scheme that allows you to turn in old clothes from any brand/shop in exchange for a £5 in-store voucher. They recycle the fabrics and use the material to create their eco-friendly range. It's like free money!

With this in mind, I stopped by the store on Thursday night with a bag full of items that no longer fit/no longer were loved with the thinking that I would use my £5 off to get something new for essentially free. I came out with 11 items totaling £28 and change (after the £5 voucher was applied).

:-| Yes I have a problem. I am aware. But look how prettyyyy!

Long sleeved crop top - £3 (originally £6.99)

Future Lumes can deal with it when she can't afford to buy a house lol. She's a resourceful S.O.B.

Anyway, this post will highlight the best of what I got (the rest will be going back). Here are the rest of my brand new baybeeeeeees!

Leggings - £5 (originally £12.99)

Pleated skirt with velvet waistband - £5 (originally £)

Miniskirt - £4 (originally £7.99)

Jeans - £5 (originally £9.99)

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