One of my closest friends visited me in London this weekend. I decided to give her a little taster of London in the short time we had together. Vlog will be up on the channel soon of the day.

Read on to see how we got on :)

The weekend started off with a few cocktails and at the London Cocktail Club. I was feeling very adventurous so I went for 2 very random cocktails - Bacon and Egg (JD base with real bacon and a haribo egg), and the Fortune Cookie (gin base and came with an actual fortune cookie). The bacon was DELICIOUS but the cocktail itself was very bitter and clashed with the saltiness of the meat (lol meat). The Fortune Cookie was by far my favourite (and my fortune was pretty darn sweet too!).

Fortune: You have exceeded what was expected.

On Saturday, we headed into Westminster for a quick spin round the wheel. Originally built for the millenium celebrations, the wheel was meant to be a temporary fixture but turned permanent due to popular demand.

I'm not a huge fan of the wheel, I think there are way better views of London to be had for a lot cheaper around the city. The queues, the crowds, the chaos, the noise all take away from the experience in my grumpy Londoner opinion.  Plus the 1st time I went, I was on a very awkward date and we had to queue for about 2 hours waiting for our turn. FML.

My biggest tip for vising the wheel? Splurge the extra £9 for a fast track ticket. You're already paying over the odds for the standard ticket in the first place so £9 in the scheme of things is really not that much more. Plus you get to go straight to the front of the queue AND best of all, you can get on with your short life that much faster.

We upgraded our free standard tickets to the Champagne experience. It's the same as standard except you get fast track and a glass of fizz.

Happiness really does come this easy for yours truly haha

It was a bit foggy on the day and I was photographing through the pod's glass windows so excuse the picture quality.

All that walking around left us famished so we did the tourist thing and went for dinner right by a major train station (Waterloo). Service was fine, venue was gorgeous, Jen got a burger and I got the ribs. Our meals were very average but we polished them off as we were so hungry. It's unlikely I'll go back if I'm honest. Jen was keen on one of the wait staff so I can't say never lol. 

I've had excellent ribs at several London food joints so I can definitely recommend where to go if you guys want me to post about it. Holler at your girl.

After dinner, we headed over to Bounce in Holborn for a friend's 30th birthday. Bounce has 17 ping pong tables, food, and cocktails. The vibe was really fun and the ping pong kept things interesting, especially for a large group like ours filled with different sets of friends. Music was a mix of old school 90s and Top 40 tracks from through the ages. Plus the decor was really cool.

Was a great weekend overall as all weekends with awesome company are. I could do a post on places in London that offer views to rival the Eye for cheaper, let me know if that's something you guys might want to read about.

Until next time you beauties! 


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