What a crazy busy fun love-filled couple of weeks it's been! I celebrated my birthweek with 7 days of fun and frolicks with a handful of my nearest and dearest. Join me as I get dolled up for my big birthday bash! :)

Getting older this quickly is scary!! I'm staring the big three-oh in the not-too-distant future and I'm not gonna lie folks, I AM SCURRED. It's a big number with big connotations but as I'm not quite there yet, I'll refrain from venturing into that glass cage of emotion lol.

This year's birthday though was hard. I wanted to hide in my room (under the covers where it's safe) at the thought of life whizzing right by me. To counteract the negative and pessimistic thoughts, I decided to go all out turn birthday into birthweek! 7 days of fun surrounded by awesome friends to ease me into it culminating my actual birthday. Plus I literally have nothing to be upset about considering health and family and job are all sooper dooper.

Day 1 - Cook something epic (a.k.a with more than 2 ingredients)

Jamie Oliver's Hunters' Chicken Stew

Total cooking time - 3h45
Taste - 8/10

Day 2 - Do Something Brave IN PUBLIC
3 words for you folks, HIP. HOP. KARAOKE.

I was shaking so hard I couldn't read the words on the sheet!! Song choice was Da Rockwilder by Method Man and Redman. Classic. The crowd were AMAZING and everyone was loving the track which helped massively! Such a rush!

When I am sad or down, doing something brave always turns that around. I HIGHLY reccommend it. Well, braveness and the Hip Hop Karaoke night.


I'll do another haul soon as it's been a while since my last one. On my way home, I was treated to my favourite Bob Marley song by some incredibly talented buskers.

Day 4 - What Comes Before Part-B? PART-AAYYYYYYYYYY!!

The week peaked on Saturday night so I thought, why not invite the world to get ready with me as I doll up for the birthday shenanigans. The video is now live on my channel or you can watch it below :). Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a future vid!

We booked a table at the Fez Club in Putney in their VIP section. Table minimum was reasonable but they wouldn't waive the entrance fee despite us supposedly being "VIPs" which kinda detracted from the whole "VIP" experience. I even offered to up the minimum spend so the money would go to booze but was denied lol. Oh well, worth a try ;)

Our waitress brought it back for us though and she was excellent and treated us really well. Super sweet and sooo pretty! Jade if you're reading this, thanks for making our night extra special! :)


 Nuff said.


Season 4 premier on Sky. Literally cleared my schedule for this and it did not dissappoint.


By this point, I was SOOO tired and exhausted from the previous days (Saturday especially!) that I got a couple of mates down to the local Nandos for a retro birthday feast. I got the wings and splurged on olives. It was magical.

That's it!

Shout out to everyone who messaged/called/gifted/showed up/thought of me last week. So much love in such a short space of time - I am not worthy! :) Thank you so much! I love you all so very much. Thank you!!!!

Until next time you beauties!


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