I'm pretty sure I'm going to die alone he said. These words came out of the mouth of a dear friend of mine.

He is gorgeous, very well traveled, has several phDs, a published novel (another on the way), and a body that won't quit. Catch doesn't even begin to describe this person so the shock I felt when these words came out of his mouth was pretty palpable. WT[actual]F??! Something had to be done. Enough is enough. This post is a hefty one, get a cuppa and settle in...

I asked him to explain why on earth he felt this way and he said he was "just being realistic". B*tch please.


I REFUSE to believe that. Worse of all, he's not the only one. I've had a handful of friends say these very same words to me. Enough is enough.

The thought of dying alone can (oddly enough) be a comforting one as it takes the pressure off of you. If you accept that you will die alone, you no longer have to try. It might be a relief, it might even be easier.  But where is the fun in that??

The way I see it, realism is hugely overrated. Yes it's realistic to acknowledge that I might get hit by a car the next time I leave my house (God forbid). It's optimistic to say I hope I don't get hit by a car next time I leave the house so I'll take precautions to reduce the chances of that happening.

In his defense, we both just came out of pretty serious relationships with our ex significant others this year. Relationships that we genuinely thought were with our "forevers" so it's understandable why his confidence has been shaken. Lord knows mine wobbled a smidge. The shock of being thrown back out into the singles market is enough to shake anyone's optimism for love.

I do not believe we get just one soulmate or one match and I refuse to believe that I will never meet anyone else. Losing my ex was hard, I'll admit it. But I am so excited to meet the person I get to be with next. Aren't you?

I have no expectations of who he is or what he will be like but I trust in fate and of course in my faith. I don't fall in love easily so I know that the next time I do, he will have had to be pretty special to make that happen ;). I like special. Special is good lol. And crucially, my life is full and happy so when we finally meet, he will be in for a treat!

So I choose optimism, join me. It's not easy though. When you make that choice, it's one you have to keep making over and over and over again but I promise you it's worth it. After every rubbish Tinder conversation, after every bad date, after every setback. You HAVE to keep choosing happy. Happy feels good, sadness doesn't AND gives you wrinkles. No brainer!! It's completely within your power. Why on earth would you choose anything else??

The day I start to believe I will die alone is the day after I die alone lol. I want you guys to feel good about yourselves, feel empowered, and know that you don't have to give up. If you take anything away from this post, it's that.

Thanks for reading this far guys! I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you disagree :P.


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