Nothing like playing with your face! :D

Another week of spring has gone by catapulting us straight into the general vicinity of summer! If you're anything like me, you're finding the wait a bit of a struggle.

New tutorial video is live on the channel. Try something new y'all! I hope you like it.


Tweet: Black Lipstick, yay or nay?

Black wasn't the only colour I went for during my last venture into the shops of London town. Kiko were having another one of their lip pencil sales and I possibly went a little nuts. Read on for the deets.

While on our shopping trip, my friends and I decided to jump out of our usual comfort zone and try a colour neither of us had tried before. I went for a dark plummy purple and jet black.

Scaaaary yo! But I was super excited to try them out and was not disappointed with how they showed up against my skin. Who knew black girls could wear deep dark shades without adding 40 years to our face?! Cray.

Don't worry though, I have not forsaken my pinks and nudes and reds and corals and oranges! There were a ton of choices and I went IN you guys! The pencils were £1.90 each and the lipstick was around £6.

Rock Idol Lipstick #6

Pretty right?!

I think that's me done with the Kiko pencils for a while though as I now have about 15 of them lol. I usually wear them on their own for work and during the day just with lashings of lip balm.

They can however be a bit dry making them tough to apply and spread properly on the lips. I reckon the gloss agent they use acts a bit like a shield making it tough to get the colour out. When you do though, they look great. Just keep applying till you get the coverage you want. If you know of any similarly priced lip pencils with tons of pigment, PLEASE let me know!

I absolutely love looking at my makeup drawers and seeing such lovely colours, especially with the weather the way it's been recently.

Don't forget to check out the tutorial and let me know if you do decide to give it a go. It's safe to say black is firmly in my list of must have lippies :).

Thanks for reading guys, comment below as usual. Love you all! xxs