This dress you guys. This is hands down my best purchase in recent memory. 

It's from River Island (the Rihanna collection) and I got it just after Christmas during the sales along with this epic dress which I can't wait to wear...once I am at least 95% sure I look just as good as Riri in it rather than the golden disco sausage I look like in it now lol..

Anyway, my LBD is bodycon with a mini turtleneck (unusual choice for ol' no neck Lumes over here) and the quality is just incredible. I LOVE this dress and it loves me.

And of course you guys know my Topshop gladiator studded "Beyonce-stylee" sandals which I premiered on my birthday (which you can check out here). The necklace is from Boohoo.com and my lipstick was Mac's Plumful.

Sadly the dress was limited edition so no longer for sale however I did see a few on eBay along with a few other items from her collections. If you see this dress guys, POUNCE.

Rih and team, hats off to ya on a job well done.

Lumes xxs

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