London Eats: Mother Mash

Having lived in the north of England for a substantial amount of time prior to London, I know the value of quality gravy, especially when the weather outside is frightful.  READ MORE 

Mother Mash is an a small little casual dining restaurant off of Carnaby Street in London. It doesn't exactly stand out though which is probably why everyone I mention it to has never heard of it.

Once you walk in the door, you're greeted with a long and very narrow dining area that somehow feels bigger when you're seated than when you're trying to walk around.

We sat in the waiting area as our table was being prepared. The waiting area had a bench directly facing the menu.

Daydreamin' ensued...

The menu is simple. You pick your mash, you pick your pie/sausauge, and you pick your gravy.

There is something just...just wonderful about the mash, sausage, and gravy combo. I'm not Muslim but my flatmates are which means our household has to stay pork-free. If they weren't such lovely people, that could have been a dealbreaker lol.

Now I get my pork hits whenever I can outside of the house which totally justified my visit.

Gravy selection requires the utmost concentration
We ordered our food and waited for a suspiciously short amount of time considering the length of time it normally takes to prepare fresh mash....hmmmm....

I went for the Cheesy Mustard Mash with Lincolnshire sausages and Farmers' Gravy (red wine, onion, smoked bacon, and mushrooms).

The mash I feel was probably delicious when it was first made earlier that day but I strongly suspect it was made in bulk then microwaved throughout the day as and when ordered. If that is the case, it's a shame as I would happily have waited more than the 5 minutes it took for the food to arrive to get fresh mash.

The girls went for the pie options.

Chicken Leek and Ham Pie
Aberdeen Angus Steak
All in all Mother Mash does the job. It's hard to get anything with mash and gravy wrong. The gravy was a winner for me but if I could change one thing, it would be to have a fresh batch of mash made when I order it, even if it means I have to wait 20 minutes instead of 5.

What do guys think? Where's the best place to get pie and mash where you are? xxs

Adorning their wall...


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