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I started this blog with no particular goals in mind. I just needed an outlet to allow me to be somewhat creative and keep me busy and stimulated outside of work. Plus it was an excellent excuse to shop more often :).

Never could I have foreseen a brand new love of photography or an interest in video & photo editing or even a love of creating content developing as a result. It's honestly been a revelation!

The fact that anyone reads my posts is still a complete shock to me and I appreciate all the love and support more than you guys will ever know. With that in mind, I'd like to do better and give you guys even more.

Until recently, I've been posting maybe 2-3 times a month but you may have noticed the frequency of posts increasing this last week. Well, I finally got round to creating an "editorial calendar" to help organize the thousand and one ideas I have for this wee blog of ours. It was the best thing I've done so far for life&lumes and I HIGHLY recommend you budding bloggers out there seriously consider doing one.

Adding structure to my schedule has meant I have been able to line up months' worth of fun posts for you guys. I will therefore be publishing new posts on the blog once every other day.

I know.


By putting it out there though, I'm now committed and you guys can hold me to that :)

For the YouTube channel, I foresee being able to upload a new video twice a month. I would love to do more than that but the videos (fun as they are to create) are far too labor intensive and I have a full time job lol.

I am also in the process of redesigning the blog's layout and look & feel  just to enhance your experience as much as possible so watch out for that coming soon.

I still don't know what I'm trying to achieve with all of this but I'm having an amazing time providing you guys with a source of entertainment and perhaps even a little make up inspiration?

Bookmark the blog or follow through any of the links on the right. Big things are in the pipeline and I need you all there with me :).

All the love in the world!

Lumes xxs

"A rolling stone gathers no moss.."
- Publilius Syrus