I hate tacos...said no JUAN ever!
Sorry! Couldn't resist.

It's not hard to eat well in this fabolous city. Whether you like fancy Michelin stars or affordable "street food", you're catered for (wahey!) round these parts. OK, no more now.

I love Mexican food. It's more than just tacos and burritos I'll have you know.

Myself and a handful of my lady compadres found ourselves at a loose end one bank holiday Sunday when we headed central for some shopping and didn't realise 99% of restos would be closed by 6pm.

Wahaca on Charlotte Street was a saving beacon of delicious airy grace! Being given the menu while we waited to eat meant over ordering was inevitable.

Our table was ready within about 5 minutes. This branch is bright and open so it feels like you're sat outside but you're not! Very random. 

Any Wahaca veteran will know to order the guacamole and chips as soon as you sit down. It totally doesn't count as a course...right??

Once we managed to ease the hunger off a bit, we got on with ordering our dishes. Wahaca is known for being a street food joint. They mostly do little plates that you can order in bulk and share amongst your people but they also do larger plates you can have as a main meal.

We wanted to try as much as possible so we went for the little plates. We got through plantains, pork pibil, chicken mole, chorizo & potato quesadillas, steak, and so much more I fail to recall.

Hands down the BEST dish of the evening was their sweet potato & feta taquito. DELICIOUS. Crispy from the taquito wrap, sweet from the potato, tangy from the feta. So good. I must say though out of the 4 of us, 2 of us LOVED it and the other 2 hated it.

Corn and bean salad on the left, sweet potato feta taquitos on the right
I enjoyed everything except the corn and bean salad. The flavours made no sense in my mouth. I can't describe it any better than that lol. Looked impressive though.

As if the food wasn't yummy enough, their fruity habanero chilli sauce was off the scale good. Where does one purchase this little bottle of heaven? Thoughts on a postcard y'all.

 As none of us were working the next day, we decided to get on the margaritas. I was feeling adventurous and went for the tamarind margarita. Sweet with soooo much flavour.

I believe tamarind is a Mexican sweet which I've never had but the girls have and said the cocktail was an excellent replication.

The girls went for the hibiscus margarita and the passion fruit margarita.

Guess the mocktail.
After all that food, we took a minute (or 30) to digest and make room for dessert.

There are certain buzz words that I look for in a good dessert menu. Salted caramel is pretty high up there. As is chocolate, obviously. I went for their chocolate tart replacing the cream with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream.

Salted caramel is a game changer. In fact this recipe from one of my best friends (also a fellow blogger Darling Cupcake) is on my bucket list of feats to attempt, even though she assures me it's super simple.

The tart was the right amount of sweet and bitter from the chocoalte but the texture wasn't great I have to say. It tasted a little stale and the chocolate portion was extremely thick. Not great. The ice cream on the other hand was lush.

Yeah. We got a lot of ice cream. Told you guys, it was good!

I'm sure there are plenty of other Mexican food places in London. The Wahaca chain is well known and conveniently located if you're central. Some dishes win and others fail. Same for any food chain I suppose.

There are worst places we could have sought refuge and as far as refuges go, Wahaca is just fine.

Know anywhere better? Shout out below!

Love you for reading! xxs