Let's start with Justin, shall we?

So the girls and I went to see my/our/but really my boo.

The concert was outdoors and it was HOT. Not hot like "oh London's having a heatwave, awesome" hot, but seriously hot. 40 degrees plus. My makeup slipped down intact onto my front. Ice cold beer was warm by the time you paid and left the beer q. It was HOT y'all.

My bae says it best in this vid...

I would have been stressed out by the temperature had Justin not been on such EPIC form. Hands down the 2nd best concert I have ever been to. I saw him at Wireless last summer in his suit where he spent about 45 minutes singing MJ songs and almost none of his old stuff. Did not enjoy that even though I am an MJ fan.

This concert however was FANTASTIC. He was back to his old Justified self. He was bouncing round the stage with so much energy throughout, only played 1 MJ song and 1 Elvis song but the rest of the performance was all him. No opening act, just him. Despite the heat, he gave it his all.

The combination of the love for him, his energy, the heat, the music, and singing at the top of my lungs surrounded by fans almost as crazed as I was made it a performance I'll NEVER forget.

Every time he said "Abu Dhabi!" I d*mn near lost my mind haha. It's like he knew I was there! I love him and I am ok with that.


We went H.A.M. you guys.

Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

Earlier in the day, we spent some time on one of Abu Dhabi's beaches to take it easy after the hustle and bustle of road trippin' to Dubai and back.

I'm not outdoorsy. It's not a word anyone who knows me would call me. But I can cope with reasonable weather fronts. I can happily sit on a beach in 20-30 degree heat and just drift in and out of sleep/the ocean/a book/my thoughts/etc. This beach was closer to 45 degrees. The air was thick with salt and humidity and so so still.

Did I mention it was hot?

The girls convinced me that going into the water would cool me down. It was like bath water you guys. I got as far as my knees and decided NO MAS then fell asleep on the sun lounger where my so-called friends proceeded to take silly pictures with my sleeping form.

I would post the resulting picture on here but one of the guilty party has asked to be excluded from the blog thankfully and sadly there's no way to crop her out of it. Oh well.

Suffice to say, the basts woke me up with their shenanigans.

After the beach, JT, and drinks after, we called it a night pre-2am and went back to the hotel for some shut eye, ready for brunch the next day. That's right. There's even more food posts to come! :)

The OOTD was a tube top from YEARS ago, just a plain black one I forget where it's from. The trousers are from Primark and will be featuring on an upcoming haul post. The sandals are from Bronx Shoes (via Asos) and the necklace is from Boohoo.com.

Excuse the weird pose by the way, still learning how to harness my inner fashion blogger model self lol.

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