How do you shop in preparation of 40 degree weather in a country that frowns upon the exposure of the female form?


When times get hot, it's time to strip (within reason!). However, the more conservative Muslim countries do not approve of this mantra of mine so it was time to make a change specially for this trip.

In the absence of being able to maximise my best assets, I decided to go bold prints instead. With not much free time to trawl the shops, I decided to stick with Primark for this trip, mostly because it's close to where I work and is cheap as chips (mmmm...chips).

In hindsight, I probably wouldn't reccomend a place like Primark because 40-50 degree heat requires cotton and linen, both of which are almost impossible to find among all the polyester blends.

Oh well. I found some winners regardless.

Primark, £7.99, instore only

Primark, £5.99 (on sale) - instore only

Miss Selfridge, 2 for £12 -

Bronx Shoes (via Asos), £36 -

Look out for these in all the UAE posts!

Where are you guys off too and more importantly, where are you shopping in preparation?? Share in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Search LifeandLumes or click here xxs