Are there any problems that truffle oil can't fix? No. No there are not. 

What a surprise! More food! At least there's one big benefit to being made to cover yourself up. You can eat what you like and people are none the wiser! :)

But first, a quick drive round the outskirts of Abu Dhabi to visit my favourite building of the trip so far. The Aldar Headquarters, the first building of its kind in the middle east.

Why you ask? Because it looks like this:

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Crazy right?! I could have hung around to marvel at it a bit longer but we were starving. It's therefore perhaps unsuprising that we ended up at an eatery called CIRCLE Cafe (harharhar geddit??) in a mini shopping complex on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

I must say I LOVED the decor. It was light, bright, and airy. Kinda like how I imagine I'll be decorating one of the many sitting rooms I'll have when I make my millions and buy that mansion in "insert epic city here".

Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is take a moment to indulge in my love of truffles and the oil they produce. I gave into the craving here and went for the grilled salmon and a separate serving of mac and cheese with black truffle oil. Both items were listed as mains but it's cool, I'm on holiday so normal rules don't apply.


It took approximate 59 seconds for the entire bowl to be demolished.

Ermmmm I don't remember asking for multiple forks!!??

Then the rest of the food arrived but how do you follow a dish so good? I only got pictures of 2 of the mains on unfortunately but my salmon was fine.

Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

Pumpkin salad

After such as substantial carb fix, there's only one thing left to do. Go back to the pool and sleeeeeep....

Don't worry though, we stayed pleeeenty hydrated :D

One more UAE post coming your way and then normal scheduled programming can resume.