Because you can't visit the UAE without seeing the mind-trip that is Dubai...

The contrast of all the buildings in this city is just surreal!

We set off on our road trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai after sun down with every intention of getting there with enough time for a nice dinner, drinks, and lots of dancing.

But first we had to get there.

Yeah. That took a while. It didn't help that with the speed at which Dubai is growing and changing and morphing, GPS struggles to keep up to date. What wasn't a road now is and what was a road is now a mall parking lot.

We searched high and low for our holiday apartment and eventually found it tucked up in the back streets on the outskirts. The apartment was clean but we were asked to sign papers promising not to engage in "immoral activities" during our stay which effectively ruled out pre-gaming.

We ended up at People Nightclub in the heart of Dubai, a club on the 40-something floor of the Raffles Hotel with views across Dubai. Gorgeous.

After many hours of partying, we called it a night and went back to the apartment in anticipation of brunch the next day. Our friend decided to take us to the infamous Souk Al Bahar, a giant venue full of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and of course the largest mall in Dubai.

Scale knows no bounds in this part of the world. Seriously.

We arrived so late the night before that we ended up skipping dinner. We chose Baker & Spice to break this unintentional fast.

Baker & Spice is an oganic food joint right on the water with uninterrupted views of the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa.

They're known locally for their incredible salad options and unlimited fresh baked bread which I must say looked DELICIOUS.

We arrived too early for lunch so our only option was the breakfast menu and these gorgeous salads. I for one needed a great deal more than a salad to bring me back to life.

The green shakshouka for 2 was the answer to all our wants and needs - 4 poached eggs cooked in a "fresh kousa & melted onion salsa with fresh spinach, turmeric & dried chili flakes drizzled with olive oil" and unlimited fresh baked bread. Flavour explosion. Seriously good stuff.

Everyone else's food finally arrived and we got our chow on.

Eggs benedict - I was assured they were tastier than they looked.

Spinach omelette

Salad plate

Fruit platter and granola

Happy tums, we settled down to watch the dance of the Dubai Fountain. You can get much better quality videos online, mine's a bit shaky but here it is.

That went on for about 5 magical minutes. It probably benefits no one locally but wow it sure is pretty to watch.

Sidebar, how pretty is this necklace?? She scored it at a market somewhere exotic.

Oh and as if I could forget the tallest building in the world. No seriously, it's officially the tallest tower in the world.

It was impossible to get it all in one shot so I had to use Kat's iphone to do a vertical panorama which unfortunately squished the building somewhat. 

Quick pose later and we paid the bill before heading to the mall where the rest of the day just melted away in a Bloomingdale shaped blurr.