Sooooo...I've been away.

I've just spent a week in the UAE. The purpose of the trip (not that hoildays need a purpose mind you) was to visit one of my bffs who has been a part of my life since childhood and who I seem to follow around the world (love you Franj!). Oh and this also happened (!!!!!!) but more on that later.

This was one of the most fun holidays I've ever been on so over the next few posts, I'll be bringing you guys the highlights.

First time out in the Middle East, we thought we'd do it in style. We used her husband's employee discount to score ourselves some mega business class tickets. Here's how that went down.

My compadre and I took our seats and graciously accepted our delicious welcome glass of Lanson champagne. Comfortable isn't quite a strong enough word to describe the sheer joy this brought after a frazzled journey in. 

Shortly after takeoff, we were handed menus and asked to select our meals. 3 courses y'all! With real cutlery and everything!

I went for the Sea Bass with a Salmon Terrine starter and Kat chose the Mezze platter with the Beef Cheeks for her main. We also got to pick some wine to go start us off which thoughtfully arrived with a side of nuts, warmed through just because.

And then they arrived. Now we've all seen economy airplane food. Well, feast your eyes. 

Our starters...

Salmon Terrine with Avocado, Lime Scented Cream, and Dressing
Arabic Mezze platter

Our Mains...

Grilled Sea Bass with sauteed vegetables, roast potatoes, and lemon butter

Braised Beef Cheeks with steamed baby carrots and mashed potatoes
All the dishes were yummier than any plane food I've ever had. And of course, the wine never stopped flowing pretty much throughout.

We were so stuffed and so content and slightly boozy that I fell asleep pretty much instantly. Didn't help that the cabin ceiling had stars...

Because I'm so clever, I forgot that my seat reclined all the way into a bed so woke up still sitting upright economy style. Kat found it HILARIOUS. I did not.

The seats were soooo comfortable and even had massage capabilities.

Anyway, after waking up and trawling through the movie selection, we started to get a bit you do when there is no limit to your access to food or drink.

I got some (surprisingly good) coffee and a warm baked cookie and an equally warm madeleine and proceeded to get some editing done.

I was so relaxed and so comfortable that even an extensive patch of turbulence did nothing for my zen-like state. 

Awesome flight with excellent company!

And then we arrived...

First stop Abu Dhabi here, here and here followed swiftly by Dubai here!