It's been a long time and I know I shouldn't have left you...but I did and it was EPIC. 2 days in California and 3 days in Vegas coming up in the next few posts. If you're nice you might just get a vlog or two ;).

California dreams turned real when I rocked up in San Diego to visit friends. Ahhh Ron Burgandy's San Diaaaaaaago, where the air is fresher and the sun is brighter than anywhere on our fair British Isles. California has a solid place in my heart. Of the all the cities I've visited within this beautiful state, San Diego by far is my absolute favorite.

Unfortunately, this was only going to be a whistle stop tour. I was in town for the holiday weekend and our plans revolved mostly around Las Vegas. I did however have time to sample some excellent food. Come along with me for some treats!

The girls were working on my first day there so I spent the day catching up on my Youtubing just for you guys! It's been so long since I uploaded so I'm beyond excited to get back into the swing of things. I've got 2 sets of hauls coming your way once I've had a chance to edit so hooorayyy!!

Anyway, we went for dinner on my first night there as soon as the girls got home. A wander down the beach boardwalk and we arrived at a shiny new sports bar called the Draft where I had my first ever corndog. This wasn't an ordinary corndog though. This one had pork belly smack dab in the middle. In a sports bar. Cray.

Look at that. Insanity! The dip was some sort of mustardy horseradishy tangy dip that went really well with the pork belly. The dough was crispy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. Deep fried but surprisingly light!

For mains we all got salads. Mine was the tuna special. Surprisingly generous portion sizes, never had so much tuna in one sitting!

Few beers later we completed the evening with a quick stroll as the jetlag finally took over.

Next night was my much anticipated taco chowdown. Yay!

Being so close to the Mexican border, San Diego is a veritable hub of delicious Mexican inspired food. Fish tacos are lip smackingly good. I've only ever had them in California and I have yet to be let down. Seeing as I was staying with the locals, I happily followed their lead.

General consensus was to head to the South Beach Bar & Grille for their Mahi soft tacos.


That is once you've been lectured on how to eat one properly (not with a fork and knife Lumes lol, fail). This place is pretty cool, it's a 2 storey bar with a spectacular view of the sunset and the beach. Take a seat, chow down, chinwag with your friends, and watch a breathtaking sunset either from inside or just outside the venue.

We went out front for a closer view...

HIGHLY recommend South Beach Bar you guys. If you're ever in the neighborhood, get yourself a fish taco, couple of beers, and watch that badass sunset. Magic.

Next stop....LAS FREAKIN' VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!