You knew it was inevitable.

Press Play and Read On :)

Las Vegas was...excessive lol. It's a vast land filled with giant over the top complexes so large that arriving at the entrance to your venue doesn't mean you're actually there yet. Nothing is any one thing. Everything is a hundred things. Hotels are also clubs which are also shopping malls which are also schools which are also banks which are also motorcycle helmets. It's a lot to take in. I loved every second of it.

We went as part of A.W.O.L (Another Way of Life) which is essentially a mini holiday where all your party needs have all been sorted for you. A.W.O.L sorts out access to the best pools and clubs and of course the best DJs in town. We saw Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Dada Life, DJ Helena, Kaskade, EC Twins and so many more!

With our A.W.O.L ticket/wristband, we jumped every queue and paid no entry anywhere, unheard of especially during a July 4th weekend, peak season in Vegas all thanks to the A.W.O.L crack team of organisers (shout out to Matt, Arti, and co.). Highly recommend you check them out, next stop is Cancun!

Took me a little while to figure out how to tell you guys about my Vegas experience. As Vegas is such an assault on all your senses, so too shall I assault yours.

ENJOY!! :)

Check out my Facebook page for loads more pictures! I also got some video footage so as soon as I get that edited you guys will get to see it! :)


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