I went to visit pals up north at the weekend and the weather was a scorchio! So much so that I was able to dig into my Las Vegas haul of summer clothing for something to wear (!!!).

When the weather is this glorious, all we want to do is shop. If you've been visiting Life&Lumes for a while, you'll know all about my love of makeup and all things beauty. I would much rather spend a day testing out blushers than trying on clothes. I love them both but makeup wins every time.

So I gathered a couple of my nearest and hit the town.

The girls were at work in the morning so I took myself off for a massage. It wasn't great for so many reasons so I won't dwell on that experience.

At lunch, we went for a walk by the canal and had a spot of lunch to get everyone out of work mode and into funday mode, woohoo!

Surprisingly pretty round here but then again that could be because of the weather. Everything is better in the sunshine...

After helping an angry duck wife find her hopeless duck husband who'd wandered off, we went purchasing and I experimented with nudes trying to find my perfect shade from Mac.

2 hands full of swatches later, I did eventually find my dream shade ('Taupe') but after all that I didn't actually buy it because Mac is only good value when you buy it from the USA duty free. The price drops from £15.50 to £7! After my last trip Stateside where I landed '"O"' and 'Flat Out Fabolous' for £7 each, I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price.

Soon it will be mine though, got a few more trips planned so I'm not too worried.

I did however pick up a new toner from Bobbi Brown which I'll be blogging about really soon once I've used it for a few more weeks.

You will have seen this dress in my last haul video if you were so inclined to tune in (Youtube.com/LumeeLumes) :D. It's from Topshop and I got during the most recent sale back in June. Check out the channel for more details.

Oh and excuse the backdrop, the whole city is one giant building site it seems. 

 Accesories-wise, I got these gorgeous sunnies from Topshop (similar here).

The bag is from a store I'd never heard of before called &otherstories (similar here). I was in the market for a more stylish camera bag and the square shape of this bag is perfect for my camera with space for a few other essentials. Plus the color looks great.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drifting in an out of shops then went to meet our mate and her girlfriend for dinner drinks and other debauchery.

Excellent day spent with excellent people.


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