I've heard tales of Mash (short for Modern American Steak House) producing the best steaks in the city. So we went down there to find out.

Being the confirmed carnivore I am, I find it hard to stay away from a decent steak. I've been lucky enough to have eaten at some of London's better steakhouses (Hawksmoor, Gaucho, Hix, etc) so I feel I can appreciate a good steak when faced with one.

The amount of hype Mash has received from my friends and colleagues has meant they've been on my wishlist for ages. On the wishlist but out of the price range lol. Until their most recent half price steaks offer landed in my inbox.

The venue is awesome, you feel like you're on the set of a bar from the Mad Men era. Even the entrance is impressive.

I was the first to arrive so I ordered an American Martini to keep me company until the others arrived.

It doesn't come dirty but you can request it if that's how you like it. The olives were stuffed with blue cheese. Divine.

They were even nice enough to bring me a glass of water and a bowl of popcorn without me asking. Great touch. I was a very happy bunny indeed.

Eventually my people arrived and we headed over to the table to get to the good stuff.

Their steaks are currently half price so I decided to try the infamous Wagyu steak. Big fan of Wagyu as it pretty much melts in your mouth and has tons of flavour. It's also especially expensive so the offer made it an exceptionally good deal.

We also got one of each side. Oh and we had the most delicious Portugese wine, not a country I would associate with wine in general but definitely one I'll for sure consider in the future.

The food arrived. 


We also got one of each side. I managed to get pictures of the mac and cheese, the string beans, and the creamed spinach before they were gobbled up. 

The food was DELICIOUS. The sides were excellent, the steak was cooked a little longer than I would have liked (more well done than rare) but that could be because it took me so long to take the pictures so it carried on cooking on my plate lol. Still delicious though.

We ate, caught up, larked around, the usual.

The table condiments had regular and smoked salt which I didn't notice until the end of the meal sadly. When I go back I'll see what the smoked salt does to the flavors of the steak. 

After my steak, I was stuffed. So for dessert I only had half a slice of cake with bourbon ice cream lol. It hurt but it was worth every bite.

The ice cream was lush and the chocolate cake was more like a brownie which is how I like my cake.

Even the bill was presented with fanfare.

I can't really fault any aspect of this meal. The service was awesome too. They had an issue with their card machines which were quickly forgiven with complimentary fizz. We left full of yumminess and very happy.

Mash is awesome you guys. I could totally imagine having a really great date there too whether you just stick by their 1940s style bar or you sit down to a great meal. It manages to be both intimate and buzzing at the same time.

These guys are now firmly on my favorites list so go check it out. The half price offer is bookable until August 20th and you can dine until September 7th.



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