With age comes great sophistication. Apparently. We spent a summery evening on the Kensington Roof Gardens to find out.

One of my lovelies is turning 30 soon and had always wanted to see the Kensington Roof Gardens.

They also happened to be hosting their very own "Proms" style event so we all headed down to the Kensington area to see what all the fuss was about.

For those who don't know, the BBC Proms are a series of concerts that happen every summer spanning everything from classical to jazz to soul to world music. The roof gardens event was not affiliated with the BBC's series of events which we didn't find out until later.

Still though. The weather was magic and the gardens were beautiful.

There's even a waterfall.

I mean, we're on a rooftop. In central London. With a real life functioning waterfall lol. As if that wasn't mental enough, there are 3 flamingos who live up there. Yup, 3.

I managed to get one of them on camera before the light fully faded away.

I don't think I've ever seen one in real life before that night. Their bums really are that pink!

We arrived, grabbed ourselves some wine and and went for a tour of the gardens.

With a quick stop by the food spread of course. I went for the spinach and parma ham risotto which was surprisingly good considering.

We found a gorgeous spot in the Tudor garden and enjoyed the shows. I have to digress for a second just to proclaim my attraction to this centerpiece. How pretty right?!

We sat outisde until the sun went down just chattering away and taking in the performances.

And then this bottle whore arrived and tried to get into my vino without so much as a hello. After a pretty smooth and definitely not embarassing "dancing" attempt by me to get away from him (complete with silent screams), we decided totally by choice to go and see what was playing on the other side of the garden. Far far away from Mr. Booze-stealing bee. 

Once the girls stopped laughing with delight at my fear.

Magically, there was a park bench waiting for us after our evacuation so the lovelies and I took a seat and waited patiently for the "Opera Jukebox" event to start. 

Opera complete, dusk arrived so we toasted goodbye to the sun and moved inside.

The inside was just as pretty as the outside. It really is a lovely venue even though the event itself wasn't really much to write home about. Even though yes I know I'm posting about it haha.

The place started to empty out around 10 but as our bottle of wine was far from empty, we (being the troopers we are) stayed behind to get the job done lol.

As ever, my outfit details are below. If you see anything on the other girls you'd like to know the origins of, comment below and I'll happily investigate for you :).

Cardigan (Urban Outfitters), Jeans (H&M), Blouse (Primark), Shoes (Office)

All in all, the event wasn't quite worth the money. I did like the idea of going from garden to garden and listening to different types of music. But for that price, the food should have been included and the musicians should have been provided with better sound acoustics (i.e. microphones) to make it a little more immersive even at a distance from the "stage". It felt a bit like the radio was on as opposed to someone performing. Just my opinion anyway.

The gardens are super pretty though so if you get the chance to go especially in daylight then for sure check it out.

At least before the gorgeous flamingos have to be rescued from a London winter lol.



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