After a week like the one I've just experienced, I thought I'd post about something to lighten the mood all round. Enter Skymall.

 'Zen Yoga Frog'

It's nigh on impossible to travel through the United States on domestic airlines without being exposed to a Skymall catalogue. If you're not familiar with Skymall, it's exactly what it says on the tin - a mall in the sky.

I must say there are some solid gems to be found within the pages of the Skymall catalogue. I've picked out my favourites from their latest Summer 2014 catalogue. I should point out that I am not getting a penny from Skymall for this post. I just truly believe these items are THAT genius.

Because a chair on land is just as dull as it sounds.

Because the real outside is full of poor people.
Only $2,995 USD

Because size. MURICA!

 As long as you don't need your phone for the next many hours.

 A fruitful addition to any (in)sane household.

Always highlight the key features of the products you're selling. i.e. Glass mugs suit beverages.

Who doesn't want to shower in red water what looks like blood.


Correct me if I'm wrong here folks lol xx