2016 ETC.

2016 is upon us and all across the land, bloggers and the like are wishing for change and putting it in writing for all to see. Allow me to join them.
2015 was mental. In a good way obvs but very much within the mental category. I traipsed around 3 different continents for work and play, career kept rising, friends and family thrived around me, fitness reached new heights (and lows), debts were paid off, and all of this with a head and heart intact.

2016 is all about maintaining and elevating (as the rappers say). I have a few projects on the go which I'm excited to announce very very soon. The biggest of these will hopefully allow me to take my love of photography to the next level. More on that to come.

I want to keep travelling, learning, growing, and filling my days with all the people and things that make me happy. Keeping this at the forefront of the mind means being free to say yes to any and all opportunities that come along.

Life without fluidity hardly sounds fun now doesn't it? ;) What's on your agenda for 2016 and what are you doing to get it?